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While some homeowners may still be skeptical about the true usefulness of a connected home, the benefits connected technology provides are unlimited.

The Benefits of a Connected Home

Whether used alone or in conjunction with solar, a home battery and home automation can offer your Sacramento region or Bay Area home with a variety of advantages.

  • Save Money

Technology that turns your house into a connected home can help you take control over the seemingly small things that add up to large expenses. For example, with a home battery, you’ll be able to save money by getting the most out of your solar system without having to send power back to the grid. With home automation, you’ll be able to control your thermostat, lights, and irrigation system to keep costs from creeping up month after month.

  • Save Energy

With the control that a connected home gives you, you’ll be able to save energy, which not only results in reduced monthly bills, but also helps you decrease your home’s impact on the environment with a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Gain Peace of Mind

A connected home provides safety and security. With technology that can quickly alert you to smoke, carbon monoxide, or intruders, you’ll be able to rest easy. In addition, a home battery can protect you against unexpected power outages, keeping the power on when you need it most.

Move Towards the Future with West Coast Solar

Whether it’s with renewable solar energy or smart home technology that offers savings, convenience, and peace of mind, West Coast Solar can turn your house into a modern home. Our team of experts can find the right solution for your home’s needs and budget.

With technology advancing further each day, the leaps that home automation has made can definitively increase your quality of life, help you save money and the environment, while also working to give you more time each day to focus on what’s truly important.

Benefits of Setting Up Home Automation

With the ability to easily turn your house into a connected home, you’ll be able to immediately take advantage of the benefits.