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Our goal is to make going solar a fun and easy process, by finding the best solar solution for each household or business. West Coast Solar achieves this by providing excellent customer service to our valued East Bay customers.

We cater to the individual needs of each customer by providing a variety of financing possibilities and solar equipment–not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our own skilled technicians perform all of our installations and we do not subcontract out the work.

West Coast Solar is small enough to provide a personal touch, yet large enough to offer competitive prices, a variety of solar equipment to choose from, and the ability to tackle complex projects. We offer several solar ownership models, including outright ownership, power purchase agreements, and leases–so we can find the best option for your situation.

West Coast Solar staff are happy to explain all your solar options, so you can make informed decisions. Our commitment to personalizing solar solutions and high quality workmanship has earned us a strong reputation across the East Bay and throughout Northern California for getting the job done right and exceeding customer expectations.

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