1. The Presence Of Solar Power In The Agricultural Sector

    It’s true that without the sun there would be no photosynthesis, and without that key process there would be no plant-based foods. Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has relied on the sun’s life-giving properties to help us grow and foster different kinds of crops. With the advent of modern technology and the amazing qualities of solar panels, we’re incorporating the sun in the next bi…Read More

  2. Pros and Cons of Used Solar Panels

    There’s no doubt in anyone’s minds that the USA as a whole isn’t particularly skilled at dealing with the waste of our society very well. Sure, we make efforts to recycle more and to use recycled materials where we can, but the landfills still climb higher every day. What’s odd though, is most folks don’t consider what happens to all of the green components we outfit our housing with onc…Read More

  3. Wildfires Are Making Solar Panel Installation More Cost Effective, But Not In The Way You’d Think

    If you’ve been a Northern California native for several years, you already know about the wildfires. You’re already familiar with the way your lungs constrict when you step out the door. You know all about the asthma flare-ups you or your family members suffer. We don’t need to describe the utter horror you experienced as you watched the videos circulating all over Facebook of people driving…Read More

  4. The Smart Grid and Your Smart Car: Part Seven

    What does your smart car have to do with energy consumption? It’s all in the efficiency and effectiveness of energy use. At West Coast Solar, we strongly believe that renewable energy is the future of energy consumption. The benefits far outweigh the shortcomings. Nonetheless, on average, a fossil-fuel powered vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon emissions per year. There are an estimated 250…Read More

  5. The Smart Grid and Power Distribution: Part Six

    Energy is seeing one of the biggest technological upgrades in the last 100 years. For the last century, we’ve used relatively the same power distribution system to transfer energy from a grid to the consumer. Now that smart technology, renewable energy, and a variety of other technological advancements have been introduced to the energy industry, we’re seeing a shift in focus. Not only is the …Read More

  6. The Smart Grid and Operation Centers: Part Five

    Energy supply and demand is a huge concern as the national population grows. Technology advancements in smart grids and renewable energy are offering a variety of solutions to energy consumption at scale. A vital piece to energy use is the grid operation center. These centers are stationed all over our nation and manage the flow of energy between the grid and the consumer. Grid operators are respo…Read More

  7. The Smart Grid and Consumer Cooperation: Part Four

    As energy technology advances, West Coast Solar believes renewable energy sources are the future of energy consumption. Whether you utilize solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, or biomass, you’re creating a better future for your loved ones, the community, and the planet. Go green with renewable energy and do more than save money on your utility bills. You can help save the environment, become energy…Read More

  8. The Smart Grid and Your Solar Power System: Part Three

    Renewable energy and smart grids are the future of energy use. At West Coast Solar, we believe in providing our customers with the opportunity to save money on their utility bills, help save the environment, and create a better future for their loved ones with the installation of a solar power system on their home or business. In the last blog post, we discussed how smart grids and smart homes int…Read More

  9. The Smart Grid and Your Smart Home: Part Two

    At West Coast Solar, we believe the future of power consumption is in renewable energy. Green energy does two things for homeowners. It offers a way to save money on utility bills and help save the environment. In this blog series, we’ll be sharing how smart grids affect your energy use through smart homes, cars, appliances, and more. We’ll also be sharing how a smart grid and a solar power sy…Read More

  10. The Smart Grid and Your Power: Part One

    At West Coast Solar, we believe renewable energy is the future of efficient, effective, and responsible energy consumption. That’s why in this blog series, we’re going to discuss smart grids, how they affect your energy use, what you can do to take advantage of them (if they are implemented in your area), and why they are important to the future of energy use. We’ll touch on topics like smar…Read More