1. What you need to know about your home solar battery

    Do you want to transition into using renewable solar energy for your home? Have you already installed your home solar energy system but can’t decide if you want to be able to store the excess energy? The team at West Coast Solar wants to encourage you to consider a home solar battery. Being able to use stored energy adds more benefits to your green energy lifestyle. In the following post, we’l…Read More

  2. What are the pros and cons of renewable energy? Part II

    The conversation surrounding green energy, generally, and solar power, specifically, can be daunting. It isn’t every day you decide to rely on the sun for power. How is that even possible? What are the effects, whether positive or negative? Can I invest in a home solar power system and remain comfortable? West Coast Solar strives to keep solar simple and answer all your questions. In part I of t…Read More

  3. What are the pros and cons of renewable energy? Part I

    As the popularity of renewable energy grows, more studies follow to confirm or deny its ability to provide reliable energy to everyone. Not only is the discussion about green energy deepening, but the demand for more energy is growing as the population grows. So what can we as humans do about it? At West Coast Solar, we believe in solar power energy; it’s an alternative to fossil fuels. The poll…Read More

  4. 6 Green Energy Benefits to Consider in Sacramento (II)

    It’s a great investment when you choose green energy. You're improving the health of your own family, making the world a better place, and assisting in creating jobs for those looking for work in the industry. In part one of, West Coast Solar discussed: public health, global warming, and energy reliability as it relates to renewable energy sources. If you want to learn three more benefits to fin…Read More

  5. 6 Green Energy Benefits to Consider in Sacramento (I)

    Renewable energy is an ongoing conversation because it’s a relatively new technology being implemented all over the world. What are the benefits? What are potential issues? How do we take advantage of green energy while still supplying power to the world? These are all valid questions, and as the solar, wind, and water energies advance to meet the world’s needs, West Coast Solar believes the b…Read More

  6. What Are the Most Efficient Renewable Energy Sources?

    There is a lot of talk about the future of renewable energy. Both private individuals and businesses are eager to make the switch to power their homes and offices through renewable energy. Many aren't waiting for the government to mandate the switch but instead forging ahead on their own in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and their reliance on fossil fuels to power their lives. But ca…Read More

  7. Fun Facts About Solar Energy

    We are beginning to see people grow more of an interest in solar power, and it isn’t surprising to us. After all, the consumption of non-renewable energy sources is still not decreasing, but these resources are finite. Many forward-thinkers have turned towards other energy options, such as wind, solar, and water to power their cities and homes. While the use of solar is growing, there is still a…Read More