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  1. Want a commercial solar power system? Ask solar design and installation companies these questions! (III)

    How do you determine which solar power system will work for your business? It’s a big investment requiring an in-depth study to ensure you make the best decision. Capital, tax credit, and other concerns can come up during the preliminary process. West Coast Solar wants to help you get the best commercial solar power system for your business. Want to learn some more top questions you should ask y…Read More

  2. Want a commercial solar power system? Ask solar design and installation companies these questions! (II)

    It’s a big investment to transition over to a solar power system. In the last post, West Coast Solar answered two major questions to get you started on your commercial solar power system. What’s next after you know how much it will cost and what’re the savings of having solar over fossil fuel based energy? Read on to find out in part two below! What are the main purchasing options for commer…Read More

  3. 5 solar power system design factors

    Looking for a new solar power system for your home or business? Not sure which company to choose to design and install your system? You’re not alone. Potential solar clients do have myriad options when it comes to choosing who to install their system. Many companies deploy a one-size-fits-all consultation service, which typically results in more costs passed on to the client. At West Coast Solar…Read More

  4. 7 common solar power questions answered!

    Do you want to find an alternative power source to fossil fuels? Do you feel unsafe knowing if the grid goes down so does your power? It’s a common concern for many homeowners in San Jose. A solution does exist. West Coast Solar wanted to answer some of the most common solar panel questions they get asked on a daily basis. Want to invest in a solar power system? Want to tap into a clean, renewab…Read More

  5. Why is solar power the best choice in San Jose?

    Want to reduce your utility bill? Looking for an alternative to fossil fuels? West Coast Solar believes that renewable energy is the future. It’s non-exhaustive, clean, and available to anyone with a collection system, such as solar panels designed for your home or business. These panels convert light into usable energy. A byproduct of using green energy to power your home, car, business, or any…Read More

  6. Want a commercial solar power system? Ask solar design and installation companies these questions! (I)

    Looking for a new way to provide commercial solar power energy to your business? Not sure where to start when looking for fossil fuel alternatives? You and thousands of other business owners are looking for ways to cut back their utility bills without causing much of a fuss during the transition whilst also keeping the company in full-swing. Green energy can also reduce carbon emission footprints,…Read More

  7. Ways to conserve energy and save money in San Jose

    The best place to start with energy conservation is your own home. Averages and estimates are great, but they don’t show the actual data on how much energy your home actually uses, which is where energy cost savings can help the most. If we all conserve and use energy responsibly, we can we can see a greater change as a whole. Nonetheless, West Coast Solar has put together a list of ways you can…Read More

  8. Can I Afford Solar Panels?

    While having a passion for the environment and hoping to save a little money are both awesome reasons for looking into solar panels, many people pause when they see the upfront cost. Though most people know about the possible benefits they could reap from a solar installation, most don’t have the money to pay for everything up front—even with all the potential savings. With that said, are ther…Read More