Intelligently Clean

Sustainability is a word on everyone’s tongue at the moment and for good reason. With every passing year, more distressing data is released in regard to the climate crisis, but you don’t have to feel helpless in the workings of the world. You can alter your behavior and save the earth bit by bit. After all, one pair of hands clapping is just the start of thunderous applause, and doing your part can add to the overall world effort to make good things happen. Start reducing your fossil fuel dependence the smart way: With a fresh solar panel installation for your Placer home. 

Battery Powered ROI

The main concern for most people looking into adding solar panels to their home stems from a very reasonable place: Where will you keep the energy you create. After all, it’s not as if you’ll be able to use the electricity you’re making at the same time as you need it. In the darker hours and on days when there’s less sunlight, you’ll still need to power your home. That’s why your solar installation will come with a high-powered battery that can store your energy so that you can continue you to use it year-round. You can even sell that saved, excess energy back to the grid, contributing to the units of clean energy that they can sell to other people, rather than unclean energy for folks who don’t have solar installations. 

Contact West Coast Solar in Placer

West Coast Solar is proud to be able to help our friends and neighbors in the Placer community move away from fossil fuel dependency. We believe the world can run entirely on clean, wholesome energy from sustainable resources. Source your energy from the ultimate energy provider: The sun. Reach out to us to start your residential or commercial solar panel installation process today.