The idea to invest in solar panels for your Santa Rosa home couldn’t come at a better time. The gradually increasing utility rates to help account for the climbing costs of wildfires devouring areas all over the state is more than enough reason to start looking into those shiny roof additions that make your house look like something from the Jetsons, but there’s oh-so-many more reasons to invest in solar panels for your home. 

Rampant Savings

Does anyone really like the utility company? Probably not. PG7E certainly has had its problems over the past couple of years. Starting forest fires that turn the whole of Northern California into a hot box really is the least impressive of their talents. But their price points for the average home in Santa Rosa aren’t very attractive either. With solar panels installed on your home’s roof, you make the rules regarding electricity. 

When we begin the installation, our engineers can customize the design and the installation method to accommodate your specific energy needs, the amount of sunlight your roof gets throughout the day and more without ever sacrificing the appearance of your roof. After this optimization, you can benefit from everything solar power has to offer including going entirely off of the grid. You could save extra energy and use it during the night or on days when you’re not getting as much solar exposure. And you could even sell it back to the grid. This practice has resulted in many of our clients being able to cut their utility bill down to $3.00 instead of $300.00 a month. That’s not even in regard to the additional tax savings available through the state and federal government either. 

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