There are many reasons to choose solar energy instead of normal electricity. Some want to earn a great return on their investment, increase a property value or even to help the environment. No matter the reason you’re choosing to change to solar energy, West Coast Solar can help you design, plan and install your brand new solar system. Our goal is that our customer can feel comfortable and enjoy from all the benefits solar energy can bring you.

Want to install a solar system?

The solar equipment we install exceeds traditional investments in that the initial investment is typically paying for itself within ten years, and then the following 15-20 years are at a profit. There’s a safe & high-return after your initial investment, you can start seeing reduced, eliminated and even credited electrical bills once you change to solar energy.

Let Us Help You

With West Coast Solar, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our professional solar technicians take care of everything for your home solar power system or your business solar solution. From necessary permits to make the final connection, we’re here to help you. If you’re interested in discussing our green energy options, give us a call!


Our Clients Love Our Service

I am happy with all aspects of West Coast Solar. The salesman was the best of the people that we got quotes from. The equipment and installation were first-rate and when we had a small problem with the system they quickly corrected the problem.” -Videoken.

Elvin and the whole West Costa Solar team were very involved with us from beginning to current. They make the whole process of purchasing and installing and even train you on how to use solar and how to read your energy statement. Elvin even checks in with you many times after installation.” -Addie N.

“West Coast Solar is absolutely a top-notch company! From the sales rep Darren to the home site tech to the installers, we could not have asked for a better company to install solar for us. WCS has an excellent work ethic and wonderful customer service which is so rare these days. Everyone we dealt with was very professional, genuinely polite and actually were happy to be working with such a good company!” -Vicky W.