At West Coast Solar our goal is to help companies and families to create the best solar power system possible for them. Whether we install a solar system and keep you tied into the utility grid, or you go completely off-grid, you will be using clean, green energy to power your property.

Services In Santa Rosa

When we start designing your new project, we listen to your solar energy goals, optimize your solar potentials, remote system monitoring and we offer personalized solar solutions.

With West Coast Solar, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our professional solar technicians take care of everything for your home solar power system or your business solar solution. From necessary permits to make the final connection, we’re here to help you.

What To Expect When You Hire Us

  • Our skilled technicians handle the entire solar installation with no subcontractors
  • We obtain permits and coordinate with the electric company
  • We keep the solar installation process simple and easy

Quality Workmanship

Since 2007, West Coast Solar has had the privilege of working with property owners throughout Northern California to realize their goal of saving on utility expenses and helping reduce their carbon-emission footprint. Our customer service and attention to detail have earned us a strong reputation in the solar industry.

We also offer home batteries for your home. A home battery, paired with your solar installation, will store the power your system produces. This allows it to be used whenever you need it, even when the sun isn’t shining. If you experience a power outage or even a string of cloudy days, your home solar battery will provide you power.

Many Alternatives

If you’re interested in joining the solar system family but don’t have enough budget for it, we have many alternatives for you. As lending institutions become more familiar with solar energy, they are recognizing solar as a safe, financially-sound investment. There are now many options available to make solar ownership a reality, as local community and regional providers, and even national banks are increasingly offering solar loans to homeowners.

West Coast Solar is the one-stop shop for solar power system design, installation, and maintenance.