West Coast Solar has exactly what you need. As a homeowner, you must be worried about your electricity bill going up sometimes and how to gain money back from it. This is why a brand new solar system would do just the trick for your house.

You will not only be helping the environment but also your pocket.


The Perfect Solar Power System For Your House

Our goal is to create the best home solar power system solution to meet your family’s energy needs. Whether we install a solar system and keep you tied into the utility grid, or you go completely off-grid, you will be using clean, green energy to power your home. There are five factors when it comes to designing the perfect solar power system for your residence.

  • Energy goals for your home
  • Amount of sunlight on the property
  • Size of installation area (roof, yard, or otherwise)
  • Project budget
  • Orientation and layout of solar panels

Still not sure?

Let us do all the worry. Before we begin any project, we work to gain an understanding of your needs and energy goals. Our goal is to deliver the best solar photovoltaic (PV) solution for your property.

Since West Coast Solar installs a variety of solar equipment, our in-house engineering team tailors our installations to each property and house architecture. It is helpful to have historical information on your electrical power usage to predict future energy needs and properly size a solar system to meet your budget.

We offer products and services to optimize your property’s solar power potential. Whether obstructions shade your roof or there is limited space for panels, our team will help design a solution. When space is limited, West Coast Solar carries high-efficiency solar panels that can generate more power using less space.

Don’t Worry. We Got This.