1. Pros and Cons of Used Solar Panels

    There’s no doubt in anyone’s minds that the USA as a whole isn’t particularly skilled at dealing with the waste of our society very well. Sure, we make efforts to recycle more and to use recycled materials where we can, but the landfills still climb higher every day. What’s odd though, is most folks don’t consider what happens to all of the green components we outfit our housing with onc…Read More

  2. Wildfires Are Making Solar Panel Installation More Cost Effective, But Not In The Way You’d Think

    If you’ve been a Northern California native for several years, you already know about the wildfires. You’re already familiar with the way your lungs constrict when you step out the door. You know all about the asthma flare-ups you or your family members suffer. We don’t need to describe the utter horror you experienced as you watched the videos circulating all over Facebook of people driving…Read More

  3. Prepare For Power Outages With Solar Panel Installation

    The Pacific Gas & Electric Company is gearing up for and notifying people of the possible power outages coming down the road soon. In a place like Napa or Marin, we all know how crucial maintaining power is to the continued level of comfort we're used to. The ability to power up your kid’s laptop aside, you still need to be able to access your work email and maintain temperature control thro…Read More

  4. Four Home Solar Power System Benefits

    What’s so great about a solar power system for you home in San Jose? Solar energy saves money, helps the environment, increases home values, and can be produced anywhere. As you may have already noticed, the cost of traditional energy continues to rise, but the cost of solar energy continues to fall. How does that work? The sun is a renewable energy source. Oil and other fossil fuels are not. Th…Read More

  5. Want Solar Panels For Your House? Ask These 7 Questions First!: Part Seven

    It’s exciting to be so close to your home solar power system being installed. Your installer has set a date with you to have the system placed and put into service. All of the appropriate steps have been completed up until this point. But what about your utility company? How will you connect your system to your meter? Does your solar company help you with that? At West Coast Solar, we offer sola…Read More

  6. Want Solar Panels For Your House? Ask These 7 Questions First!: Part Six

    One of the primary reasons homeowners in Sacramento want to make the switch to a solar power system is to save money on energy. It’s the most popular reason we get from the customers we have the opportunity to work with. The second and third reasons tend to be energy independence and to help the environment. Some think that solar power still has too high of a barrier to entry, and that the inves…Read More

  7. Want Solar Panels For Your House? Ask These 7 Questions First!: Part Five

    Are you ready to make the switch to solar power? Have you gotten your property assessed for a solar power system? Do you have multiple bids from solar companies yet? It’s important to know that even though there are dozens of reputable companies that install home solar energy systems every year, you need to find the best company that meets your needs. One of the most frustrating calls we get at …Read More

  8. Want Solar Panels For Your House? Ask These 7 Questions First!: Part Four

    If you’re considering alternative energy resources, it’s time you consider making the switch to a home solar power system for your Sacramento residence. Saving money is one benefit of solar energy. You can help the environment with solar, reducing your home’s overall carbon-emissions. Finally, you can become energy independent when you choose solar power over traditional energy resources. No…Read More

  9. Want Solar Panels For Your House? Ask These 7 Questions First!: Part Three

    Are you ready to purchase a home solar power system? Have you considered your options yet? At West Coast Solar, we help homeowners determine their renewable energy budget, how they will purchase their system, and then help them make the purchase. Not only do we design and install solar energy systems, but we also assist our customers through the financing process. In this post, we’ll share the v…Read More

  10. Want Solar Panels For Your House? Ask These 7 Questions First!: Part Two

    How much can you save with a home solar power system? Some of our customers have reported savings in the thousands. Frankly, many of our customers do see savings by making the switch to solar, and there are more actions you can take to increase your savings; however, it’s important to understand what your solar potential is before you go out and purchase the best solar energy system you can find…Read More