1. Exploring Solar Panel Kits For Sale? Ask These 6 Questions Before Buying!

    Do you want to go green with your energy use in Sacramento? You’re not alone. As prices continue to rise across the state of California, more home and business owners are making the switch to solar power systems. It’s a smart decision! You get to save money on your utility bills, help the environment, and become independent with your energy use—even if you may still be connected to the grid.…Read More

  2. Do You Need A Solar Charge Controller?

    Overcharging your solar battery is a serious concern for those with an off-grid solar power system. If you’re off-grid and ruin any of your batteries, you’re going to have less energy stored, which means less energy available for use. At West Coast Solar, we fully support the use of renewable energy, whether as a grid tie-in or as an off-grid project. We encourage you, however, to take the nec…Read More

  3. Find The Best Solar Installation Company in Sacramento: Part II

    There are hundreds of solar companies in California you can choose from to make the switch to solar power. You could take your search national and find a larger company that services your area. At West Coast Solar, we believe in helping those looking to transition to a renewable energy source, and we understand how overwhelming the online search process can feel. In this post, we’ll share two mo…Read More

  4. Do You Need A Solar Operation and Maintenance Package?

    At West Coast Solar, we support the investment into increasing the longevity and functionality of your solar system. We believe renewable energy is the future for most of the world, and if you can extend the lifespan of your system beyond the 20-30 year mark, it’s an investment well-made. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of a solar operation and maintenance package home and business ow…Read More

  5. Do You Need To Clean Your Solar Panels?

    If you want to generate energy via the sun, your solar panels need to be exposed to the sun for a large majority of what’s called “peak sunlight.” Many home and business owners are worried that if their panels get covered with dirt, snow, sand, or something else, they will need to clean them. At West Coast Solar, we understand the concern. We suggest you get your panels cleaned professionall…Read More

  6. How To Choose The Best Solar Inverter

    At West Coast Solar, we focus on solar panels a lot because they are the primary component in collecting sunlight so it can be converted into usable, clean energy. A secondary component, the power inverter, converts the sunlight the panels collect into usable energy around your house for appliances, electronics, and more. When it comes to solar system design, you want to make sure you have the bes…Read More

  7. Solar Panels and Carports: What’s The Big Deal?

    Many home and business owners across California utilize carports to store their vehicles in. A carport is an easy-to-use overhead for vehicles of all kinds; it’s also an affordable solution compared to building an entirely new building for your cars. In a climate that sees very little rain and mostly sunshine, solar panels on carports would be a great idea. You can create one structure and use i…Read More

  8. The Truth About Buying A Home With Solar Panels – Part II

    Don’t let a solar system deter your home buying experience. A home with solar panels already installed is a huge benefit to most homebuyers. However, it’s important to understand how the system is being financed. In part one of this blog series, we discussed paid-in-full and leased systems, and in part two, we will share with you two more scenarios you may encounter while searching for a new h…Read More

  9. The Truth About Buying A Home With Solar Panels – Part I

    Solar power is becoming more popular across California. The renewable energy source is consistently proving to add value to homes, save people money on utility bills, and help the environment, which are all great reasons to invest in your own solar system. However, if you’re currently shopping for a home, you may come across some options that already have solar panels installed. West Coast Solar…Read More

  10. Top 8 Benefits to Energy Efficiency: Part II

    Renewable energy is about more than just saving money on utility bills, even though this is a great incentive to invest in the use of it. More than the financial incentive, it’s about saving the environment and creating a cleaner future for our families. Whether you want to protect the environment or simply save money, we encourage you to do both! At West Coast Solar, we’re all about energy ef…Read More