Like most counties, cities, and regions in Northern California, Contra Costa County, has a booming tourism industry, with tourists coming to visit our beautiful California landscapes from all corners of the world. From museums, restaurants, and hotels to waterparks and shopping centers, there is something here for anyone coming to visit. But with all of the nearby attractions in constant operation, you can bet that the energy used by different businesses is quite high. In fact, Energy Star reports that of the small business sector, restaurants use more than 5% more energy per square foot when compared to other businesses, whereas lodging industries spend close to 6% of their operating costs on energy annually. Think about how much a business operating in the tourism industry could reduce their energy costs by installing solar panels?

Along with keeping operating costs down, there are many different reasons why business owners in the tourism industry should consider going solar. Today, the solar experts at West Coast Solar will look at a few of the benefits that local businesses in the tourism industry can gain by installing solar panels to power their Contra Costa business. Let’s take a look. 

Five Benefits of Solar Power for the Tourism Industry

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Powering an entire business takes a lot of energy. But what if you could power your business with reliable, clean energy, while actually reducing your energy consumption? With solar, you can. Rather than powering your business with energy produced from fossil fuels, you can harness the sun’s energy without harming the environment, thereby reducing the carbon footprint your business leaves behind, and while using less energy in the long run. 

Save on Operating Costs

Let’s face it, operating costs that include lighting, heating, air conditioning, and everything else in-between is most likely your business’s greatest monthly and annual expense. Traditional power methods are expensive and the cost will only continue to rise here in California, as we’ve seen in recent years. Save on operating costs by installing solar panels on your business and you’ll see a dramatic reduction in your utility bills, if not a complete wash. Not only that, there are many incentives and tax breaks local businesses can enjoy by going solar. Take the money you save on your energy bills and use it for employee raises, bonuses, and to make upgrades that can make your business even more attractive to both tourists and locals.  

Excellent Return on Investment

One of the best investments you can make is to switch to solar. While the initial costs to install a solar power system can seem high, the return on investment you will enjoy through government incentives and a reduction in high energy costs will generate both an immediate payback and long-term savings.

Little-to-No Maintenance

One of the best aspects of installing solar panels on your business is there is relatively no maintenance or upkeep to worry about. This is especially beneficial for hotels and motels. Rather than tinkering around with a reliable, professionally installed solar power system, your maintenance crews can focus on other systems that support the function of your business. We design our solar panels to run cleanly, quietly, and efficiently for decades.   

Appealing to Potential Patrons 

People visiting California know that our state is a frontrunner in energy efficiency, as we have always set the bar for other states to follow suit. That’s why going green is a great marketing tool in and of itself, which can really help your business thrive. What’s more, by taking your business solar, you will become especially appealing to green-minded patrons, as well as others who may know nothing about solar energy or the benefits it can offer. Your energy-efficient business can serve as an educational attraction as well as a beacon for other local businesses that are considering going green.

Make the Switch to Solar

At West Coast Solar, we make it easy to switch from traditional energy resources to energy-efficient solar power systems. If you want to enjoy all of these benefits and more, all you have to do is reach out to the West Coast Solar team to learn more about having our experts design and install solar panels that cater to the needs of your Contra Costa business. Give us a call to get started and follow the link to learn more about our top-notch warranties and financing options. Discover why we’re considered a Top Rated Local® solar installer in Contra Costa!

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