1. 6 Green Energy Benefits to Consider in Sacramento (II)

    It’s a great investment when you choose green energy. You're improving the health of your own family, making the world a better place, and assisting in creating jobs for those looking for work in the industry. In part one of, West Coast Solar discussed: public health, global warming, and energy reliability as it relates to renewable energy sources. If you want to learn three more benefits to fin…Read More

  2. Want a commercial solar power system? Ask solar design and installation companies these questions! (III)

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  3. How a smart home can keep your family safe

    It’s an added comfort when you can remotely monitor your home from anywhere. Whether your kids are home alone, or you’re on vacation, you can keep your home and family safe with smart home technology. One aspect of a smart home many consider is a smart security system. It’s a great investment to ensure the safety of your family. A huge component of smart technology is the power source. Will …Read More

  4. Want a commercial solar power system? Ask solar design and installation companies these questions! (II)

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  5. 6 Green Energy Benefits to Consider in Sacramento (I)

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  6. 5 solar power system design factors

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  7. 7 common solar power questions answered!

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  9. Why is solar power the best choice in San Jose?

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  10. 12 smart home devices your solar panels can power

    As a relatively new technology, solar power offers a variety of benefits when it comes to powering your home. It also is a much better renewable resource to tap into for energy to keep the environment healthy, which also affects the people who live in the environment: your family and friends. With this in mind, you may be considering a home automation system. You’ll want to power it with solar. …Read More