1. Prepare For Power Outages With Solar Panel Installation

    The Pacific Gas & Electric Company is gearing up for and notifying people of the possible power outages coming down the road soon. In a place like Napa or Marin, we all know how crucial maintaining power is to the continued level of comfort we're used to. The ability to power up your kid’s laptop aside, you still need to be able to access your work email and maintain temperature control thro…Read More

  2. Live Oak School District dedicates new solar panels

    The Live Oak School District, located in Santa Cruz, California, recently completed construction and implementation of a solar panel array at six different schools which have a collective capacity of 416 kilowatts and will save the district $2.5 million. LOSD commissioned Chevron Energy Solutions to design, build and maintain the solar energy systems. These panels will reduce the amount of electri…Read More

  3. Making lemonade with lemons: turning landfills into solar plants

    One of the main challenges for solar energy in California is finding space to construct large-scale photovoltaic panel arrays that can produce the amount of electricity needed to power thousands of homes. Although there is a lot of vacant land, it is sometimes difficult to convince communities of the most appropriate use of this resource. For this reason, one possibility for solar energy advocate…Read More

  4. Mayor has ambitious goals for making Lancaster the solar capital of the world

    Recently on this blog we reported that the city of Lancaster, California, became the first metro in the United States to push forward an ordinance requiring all new homes to feature solar energy solutions. The regulation states that residential properties built on lots of 7,000 square feet or more must include 1- to 1.5-kilowatt solar systems. This and other efforts throughout the city to embrace …Read More

  5. Microinverter industry experiencing strong growth

    On November 5, Enphase Energy, the leading producer of solar microinverters in the world, posted its third quarter earnings report, showing that the company is benefiting from enormous growth in the solar hardware industry. Enphase generated $62 million in revenue and achieved a gross margin of 28.1 percent, the highest in its history. Microinverters are a very exciting innovation in California…Read More

  6. Navigating the world of solar tax credits and benefits

    Summer is almost here, and if you're starting to feel the heat, you're probably cranking up your air conditioner and seeing your electrical bill fly through the roof. After all, it's estimated that 20 percent of all electricity used by U.S. homes goes to air conditioning, and during the day, energy rates rise as more residences and businesses try to cool off. You may have considered contacting a…Read More

  7. NEM policy changes not expected to affect solar industry

    A new report by market research firm IHS states that the solar industry and its customers will not be seriously affected by various changes to net energy metering (NEM) policies that have been proposed in several states across the country. Although there have been concerns that alterations could make NEM less generous for solar customers, the IHS study indicates that the industry will continu…Read More

  8. New 250 MW solar plant finished near San Luis Obispo

    Crews have finished construction of the California Valley Solar Ranch, a 250 megawatt (MW) capacity plant near San Luis Obispo, California, that is now the biggest operating solar generator in the state. It was built by SunPower and will be run by NRG, producing enough electricity to power 50,000 homes. The facility covers 4,700 acres, although only about 1,500 of that is actually covered by pan…Read More

  9. New EPA chief expected to continue agency focus on renewable energy and climate change

    Gina McCarthy, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), was confirmed last week by the U.S. Senate after having spent several months waiting for Senate Republicans to come to an agreement with President Obama. McCarthy, who has worked for many years in the EPA, will be taking over the agency at a time when it has begun taking a more active role in regulating greenhouse gas (GHG)…Read More

  10. Leasing accounts for two-thirds of new solar installations

    As we've written before on this blog, leasing and financing options for residential solar energy solutions have made this technology accessible to more families than ever before. New data from the California Solar Initiative (CSI), as analyzed by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), shows that these programs have been enormously successful with homeowners. The EIA states that two-thi…Read More