As technology advances, our connectivity to one another increases. This also means our connectivity to our devices, our home, and even our pets increases, too. If you’re considering smart home technology or home automation, West Coast Solar can help. We have years of experience helping our customers find the perfect solar system for their connected home.

What is a Connected Home?

A connected home digitally tethers to your devices, your appliances, and more to access your no matter where you are in the world. For example, a connected home allows you to control the thermostat with your phone, whether you’re at the office across town or sitting in your kitchen. Did you forget to lock the front door? A smart lock system allows for you to engage the front door deadbolt to secure your home with your tablet. Want to keep an eye on the kids while they’re home alone? Installing cameras around the interior and exterior of the home can be accessed remotely via almost any device which is connected to the internet.

Why is Home Automation Important?

Rising energy bills and demands on energy are ever-increasing, especially for California residents across Sacramento, San Jose, and the East Bay area. It’s no wonder many of West Coast Solar’s customers are saving money and using less energy with home automation. Pair automation with a home solar power system, and you could create a better future for your family while helping the environment.

Why Do Home Solar Batteries Help Energy Use?

If you’ve already made the switch to solar power, you may want to consider a home solar battery bank. The addition of solar batteries allows for less reliance on the traditionally powered energy grid. If the power goes out or you want to use energy during non-peak hours, you can with a battery setup.

Choose West Coast Solar to Automate Your Home

Do you want to automate your home? Investing in upgrading your house to a smart home is a great choice. The experts at West Coast Solar can help you find ways to automate your home, reduce energy use, and increase your positive effects on the environment. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your home automation or solar power project!