As a top-quality installer of solar power systems throughout Northern California, we stand behind our work and the solar products we install. Our competitive warranties protect your investment, ensuring many years of clean solar energy production for your Northern California property.

Our 25-year limited warranty protects you

  • Defects in roof-related work
  • Labor costs for the replacement of components covered under manufacturer warranties

The rated solar output of solar panels declines very slowly over time. Many solar panel manufacturers guarantee power output over a 20 to 25-year period, in addition to our warranties. West Coast Solar checks solar panels and components for defects during system installation. Our quality control process helps prevent future repairs by installing dependable, top-quality equipment.

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Alongside a great warranty, you can take advantage of the federal government’s own investment into the deployment of solar energy systems across the US. Combine the ITC, West Coast Solar guarantee, and manufacturer’s warranties, and you can rest assured, your system will survive its expected lifespan

Invest in Your Home Solar Energy System

When you invest in green energy, you invest in your future. Whether you purchase a solar system to reduce or cut your utility bill, or you invest in the future of the planet—or both—you will be one of many making the switch to renewable energy. The entire globe is seeing huge benefits in alternative energy and solar is one of many great options.

Keep Solar Simple with West Coast Solar!

Our team stands by our guarantee for exceptional solar system installations. Your custom solar design, plan, financing, installation, and maintenance is our responsibility, and we strive to deliver the best solar experience to you. Contact us today to schedule your solar evaluation.

“After talking to five solar installation companies, we were quite happy with four of them but decided on West Coast Solar. And we’ve been very pleased with the whole experience…Everyone we’ve dealt with from WCS were courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and effective.”