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Why Go Solar?

What are the benefits of utilizing solar energy?

If you install a solar power system on your property, you will reduce or eliminate your electricity bill, and you protect your bank account from the rising energy costs. You can save money, but it will depend on your solar system, your local electricity rates, and solar policies. Going green and utilizing solar energy is a smart investment no matter where you live.

How does solar energy affect the environment?

Solar energy has many positive environmental benefits. Similar to other renewable energy sources, solar power use reduces carbon-emission significantly, which helps reverse climate change. It’s called clean energy because the installation, and operation of solar components results in significantly fewer pollutants in the air.

The quickest way to find out how much you currently pay for your electricity each month is to take a look at your electricity bill. You can also call your utility service provider and request the information, too.

How will a solar system impact my property value?

A home with a solar power system installed will typically sell for more than an equivalent home without solar installed. If you own your home, installing solar power is a smart investment, not only for your energy bill but for the value of your property.

How Do Solar Panels Work to Benefit my Home?

How does a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel work?

Solar panels collect the sun’s rays and convert it into direct current (DC). Your home uses alternating current (AC), so as the DC energy transfers from your solar panels to your electrical unit, it will pass through an inverter, changing the power from DC to AC.

Do solar panels produce energy when the sun isn’t out?

If the weather is cloudy, your solar panels will produce slightly less energy as a result. The amount of power your panels produce is reliant on sunlight. However, you are able to purchase battery banks to store energy for later use. Installing a solar power system is a smart move regardless of where you live.

Do solar panels allow off-grid living?

Yes. Solar power systems, including battery banks, allow for off-grid living. Although an off-grid system does cost significantly more to install, it is an option for those looking to completely disconnect from the traditional energy grid.

Will I stop receiving an electricity bill if I install solar panels?

Unless you go off-grid with your energy use, you will still receive your regular energy bill, even if the energy company is reporting you owe $0 or they owe you a credit. You can dramatically reduce your energy bill with a solar power system.

What will solar system maintenance cost?

A solar power system typically has a lifespan of between 20-30 years. The maintenance cost is low if anything at all. Unless your system takes damage, or you pay someone to clean the panels after a snowstorm or otherwise, you won’t have to worry maintenance costs.

What Happens to Solar Power During a Blackout?

In most cases, your solar power system will be shut off. This ensures the power company’s technicians are not injured due to your system sending energy back to the grid. However, if you have a battery bank installed in your home, you can use stored energy until the power comes back on or you run out.

What Are Some Financial Options with Solar?

Are there solar energy incentives or rebates available?

Your solar rebates will vary based on where you live. However, a national incentive does exist for solar energy. The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) allows you to deduct 26% of your solar system from your taxes through 2021.

What are your solar financing options?

You will find three primary options when it comes to financing options and solar power. You can pay cash, take out a loan, or enter into a power purchase agreement (PPA).

Is it better to buy or lease my solar panels?

It depends on your financial situation. If you’re looking to maximize financial returns from your system based on energy use, you will want to purchase your own system. Do you want an easy-to-use, relatively maintenance-free energy solution? You could achieve that leasing a solar system.

Is a solar loan or a solar lease better?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. It also depends on your financial situation and energy goals when it comes to deciding which financial option is better for you. Whether you choose to lease the system or take out a loan to fund it, you will be helping the environment and creating a better future for your family and your community.

What’s the best way to choose a solar loan?

It has to make sense financially for you and your budget. Although investing in solar is a smart idea for you, your family, your community, and the environment, it has to make sense. It’s important to discuss your budget, your finances, and your ultimate goal with solar energy with a professional to make the best decision possible.

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