We look forward to working with you as you implement a solar panel system for your home or business!


Aaron Bryant

Co-founder and CEO
“Four core principles guide West Coast Solar, and it is gratifying to have the privilege to share the same purpose and expectations with our entire team.”
Four Core Principles:  1. Do the Right Thing, Every Time  2. Provide Awesome Service  3. Develop Lasting Relationships  4. Have Fun

Jeffery Tamayo

Co-founder and President
“I love the people that I work with and the challenges that come with running a business. Unlike many of our competitors, our team is truly interested in what is best for our clients and making sure that our clients are taken care of.”

Jay Robertson

Lead Project Manager
“Solar is an amazing technology. West Coast Solar is geared to get you up and running as smooth as can possibly be done… It’s a great team effort and we enjoy making our customers happy.”

Jeff Luckeroth

Operations Manager
“I’ve always enjoyed learning new things. In the solar industry, the challenges are never ending but all worth it in the end when I hear from the happy customers.”

Luwana Adair

Accounting Manager
“Save money… Go Solar”


Darren Chamberlain

Solar Consultant
“I absolutely love what I do. After 20 years of helping businesses with their energy and telecom solutions, I am now able to offer the same type of energy solutions to my clients in their homes. Helping people get educated about PGE, and how solar puts them in control of their electrical expenses by lowering their electrical bill by 30% to 50% is amazing. Educating people is my passion.”

Devin Wilson

Solar Consultant
“I enjoy helping each customer make the best decision for them.”

Elvin Geronimo

Solar Consultant
“West Coast Solar has a culture that keeps customers at the top-of-mind while providing a fun environment to work in. I enjoy helping homeowners and business owners choose a customized energy solution and get to witness them receive all the benefits that come along with solar PV ownership. It’s not often that you get to work for a company that has such high customer feedback ratings (check out our reviews on Yelp.com). At West Coast Solar we treat our customers like family.”

Mike Kleeman

Solar Consultant
“I think the secret behind our success and the reason I’ve enjoyed such a long career here can be summed up in two words: Simplifying Solar. We just seem to have mastered the entire process and make it simple for our clients to invest in solar.”

Ryan Ogan

Solar Consultant

Mark McBride

Solar Consultant
“I love West Coast solar because of the ethical way we do business. We put the needs of our customers first and foremost. I love providing my neighbors with the best system at a great price, with financing options to help almost any situation. And we have the best staff in the industry!”

Joe Molale

Solar Consultant
“I love working for a company that cares about the customer and the people that work for them!”

William Bobo

Solar Consultant
“It has been a pleasure working at West Coast Solar through the years. The company has grown so much. West Coast Solar has always been such a Professional and Customer Service oriented company. And I am sure it will continue to be that way in the future. We all love Solar here, and strive to give all our clients the best service available.”


Angelina Hernandez

Interconnection Administrator
“Everyone here at WCS works hard and shows much dedication.”

Melissa Mena


Billie Turnbull

Customer Service Specialist

Christina Smith

Installation Administrator

Travis Brown

Lead Installer

Ben Chaney

Lead Installer
“I truly enjoy the organized efficiency of West Coast Solar. We are able to come to your house and install a quality unmatched solar system in 1 day!! Who does that? West Coast Solar is an all around awesome family oriented company. I love working here.”

Saul Viveros

Lead Installer

Chris Walker

Lead Installer

Homer Melton

Warehouse Specialist
“I like working at West Coast Solar.  We’re not just co-workers, it’s more like we are one big family.”

Craig White

Service Technician

Bobby Garcia

Inspection Technician
“The West Coast Solar team is great to work with. We have the same goal, put the customer first and do the best job for them from beginning to end.”

Patrick Loosli

Inspection Technician
“West Coast Solar helps people everyday save the environment and money.”

Brittney Lohr

Permit Technician

Brenda Coats

Voted “BEST OF BRENTWOOD” several years in a row.  Give us a call and find out why.