There are a variety of benefits when using commercial solar energy systems for your business. The main benefit is the reduction in utility bills. Whether you manage multiple businesses in a strip mall, or you own and operate a single business, you can reduce your electricity bill with solar. Many of our commercial customers enjoy bill reduction, and in some cases complete elimination of their utility bills.

The second benefit is the reputation you gain for going green. As a business established in a community, you will be communicating that you care about the community and the planet by going solar. Who doesn’t want a positive image when it comes to the customer-facing side of their business?

The third benefit is the return on investment you will enjoy. Whether you’re a small business or huge corporation, investing in a commercial solar array will give your years of rewards in the form of government tax incentives (available through 2021), reduced (or non-existent) energy bills, and more. With the cost of investing in solar power systems becoming more and more affordable for business owners, you can enjoy benefits such as quick paybacks and long-term savings that essentially pay for your initial investment.

The fourth benefit of investing in solar for your business is that this is a great first step in your journey to becoming a LEED-certified, 100% green company. LEED, which is short for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is the “the practice of designing, constructing, and operating buildings to maximize occupant health and productivity,” while using fewer and cleaner resources, cutting down on landfill waste, and making a more positive impact on the environment.

Relying on energy harnessed from the sun is a great segway into becoming a full-blown sustainable and environmentally conscious business that comes with its own perks to benefit your business. Make the change to rely on clean solar energy and start your path to becoming a LEED-certified company.

The final benefit is what’s called a power purchase agreement. As a business producing solar power, you are able to go into agreement with other businesses around you and sell them your excess energy. If you have the space on your property, you can add more commercial solar panels than you need to produce more energy than you need and sell it to your neighbors.

Why Should a Business Go Solar?

You’ll benefit from going solar in a variety of ways. The team at West Coast Solar wants to facilitate your commercial solar energy system with expert design, plan, and installation. Whether you need a small array to power your small business, or you need a large array to power your corporate building, we can help.

Not only will you enjoy the benefits of solar energy, but you will be taking a step towards bettering the future for you, your colleagues, your family, and your community. With carbon-emissions rising steadily, a solar power system can help slow the rise or eliminate it entirely. You will enjoy a cost-effective alternative to energy.

Commercial solar power options are a great choice to invest in your business and in the future.