1. Want Solar Panels For Your House? Ask These 7 Questions First!: Part One

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  2. What You Need For A Home Solar Power System

    Are you ready to save money on your energy bill? Do you live in Sacramento? You’ve probably noticed the cost of your utility bill rising. The traditional energy market is volatile. It rises and falls according to resources and other factors. Do you know what has been consistent for the last two decades? Renewable energy. As the technology has advanced, the cost of solar energy has gradually decl…Read More

  3. Exploring Solar Panel Kits For Sale? Ask These 6 Questions Before Buying!

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  4. Considering A Home Automation System? Ask These 10 Questions First!

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  5. How To Choose The Best Solar Power Installer: Part Four

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  6. How To Choose The Best Solar Power Installer: Part Three

    Do you know how much a solar system will cost you? Have you considered the various financing options like solar panel leasing, power purchase agreements (PPA), or personal loans? At West Coast Solar, we don’t want finances to stand in the way of you saving money on your utility bills and reducing home carbon-emissions. In this blog series, we’re sharing 38 questions you can ask potential solar…Read More

  7. How To Choose The Best Solar Power Installer: Part Two

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    It can be tough to find the best solar power installer for your renewable energy investment. Your budget, energy needs, and customer-service expectations all play a role in your decision. You’ll need to research which company fits you and your project, which can take some time. Whether you’re looking to install solar on your home or business, there are dozens of companies that can help you. So…Read More

  9. The Smart Grid and Your Smart Car: Part Seven

    What does your smart car have to do with energy consumption? It’s all in the efficiency and effectiveness of energy use. At West Coast Solar, we strongly believe that renewable energy is the future of energy consumption. The benefits far outweigh the shortcomings. Nonetheless, on average, a fossil-fuel powered vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon emissions per year. There are an estimated 250…Read More

  10. The Smart Grid and Power Distribution: Part Six

    Energy is seeing one of the biggest technological upgrades in the last 100 years. For the last century, we’ve used relatively the same power distribution system to transfer energy from a grid to the consumer. Now that smart technology, renewable energy, and a variety of other technological advancements have been introduced to the energy industry, we’re seeing a shift in focus. Not only is the …Read More