1. Want Solar Panels For Your House? Ask These 7 Questions First!: Part Six

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  3. Want Solar Panels For Your House? Ask These 7 Questions First!: Part Four

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  4. Want Solar Panels For Your House? Ask These 7 Questions First!: Part Three

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  5. Want Solar Panels For Your House? Ask These 7 Questions First!: Part Two

    How much can you save with a home solar power system? Some of our customers have reported savings in the thousands. Frankly, many of our customers do see savings by making the switch to solar, and there are more actions you can take to increase your savings; however, it’s important to understand what your solar potential is before you go out and purchase the best solar energy system you can find…Read More

  6. Want Solar Panels For Your House? Ask These 7 Questions First!: Part One

    At West Coast Solar, we’re excited to see residential solar systems taking on a new role for homes. Not only do they produce clean energy, but they’re actually raising home values in Sacramento. How could a home solar power system increase the value of a building? Well, consider how you get your energy now. It runs through a grid, and you pay for your usage—typically, per kilowatt. What if y…Read More

  7. What You Need For A Home Solar Power System

    Are you ready to save money on your energy bill? Do you live in Sacramento? You’ve probably noticed the cost of your utility bill rising. The traditional energy market is volatile. It rises and falls according to resources and other factors. Do you know what has been consistent for the last two decades? Renewable energy. As the technology has advanced, the cost of solar energy has gradually decl…Read More

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