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Solar Panel Installation In Alameda

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When it comes to stunning and diverse landscapes, majestic urban marinas, sprawling beaches, and unmatched beauty, Alameda County is the place to be. As part of the Bay Area, Alameda County is often referred to as “The Bright Side of the Bay” for many reasons, one of them being all the warm, radiant sunshine the area enjoys annually. That said, what better place than right here to harness the energy produced by the brightest star in our solar system?

Whether you want to invest in residential or commercial solar power, West Coast Solar makes switching to solar simple and stress-free for you. For years, our award-winning solar company has been helping our friends in Alameda County and throughout the Bay Area discover all the possibilities that solar power has to offer. If you’re thinking about making the switch to renewable energy to power your home or business, there’s never been a better time than right now. Are you ready to start powering your home with an energy source you can feel good about? Then explore our solar services and get to know our team, and when you’re ready for a solar panel installation in Alameda, we are just a call or a click away!

In-House Engineering = Optimized Solar Systems

West Coast Solar doesn’t just offer the best customer service and warranty options on our products. We also offer in-house engineers who tailor your solar panel design for your Alameda home’s specific energy and aesthetic needs. Not only that, we specialize in creating superior commercial solar power systems to keep your business running on clean, green energy harvested from the sun. Better yet, we handle the entire process from start to finish to ensure maximum efficiency, quality, and satisfaction.

What Can a Solar Panel Installation Do for You?

Imagine your home or business as it is, but your electricity bills have vanished. Next, picture getting a huge tax credit back from the federal government. Finally, envision the confidence and independence that comes from relying on your own power source. With a custom solar energy system from West Coast Solar, all of this is possible. We want to help you take control of your energy usage and live as independently as possible.

Solar Power Reduces Electricity Bills

One of the biggest expenses Alameda County homeowners face is paying electricity bills month after month. With a home solar power system, owners can spend decades enjoying lower — if not nonexistent — electricity bills. As long as your solar system generates more electricity than you use in a year, you won’t have to pay any electricity bills. If you generate more energy than you use annually, you can gain credit from your utility company for selling energy to them. However, off-grid solar power systems simply store the excess energy in a battery bank for later usage.

Investing in Energy Independence

A lowered power bill isn’t the only benefit that can come from a solar system installation. Solar power is an investment and a great one at that. Did you know that there is a federal tax credit available for 26% of the qualified solar panel expenses? That includes the cost of labor, preparation, and the parts of the system. This isn’t just a tax write-off; it’s a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your federal income taxes. However, this is set to end in 2021. If you want to receive the full benefits of this tax credit, give West Coast Solar a call so we can start on your project immediately.

The financial savings are hard to beat, but we believe that many of our solar system owners are excited at the prospect of independence. No more relying on foreign sources of energy, no more contributing to air pollution, and no more spending those hard-earned paychecks on power! You will produce your own power with a home or commercial solar power system from West Coast Solar.

It Pays Off In More Ways Than One

In regard to solar panels and clever energy alternatives, the more the merrier! While we’re conscious that it’s not always, initially, a super affordable way to access better energy, there’s a couple of ways that solar panel investments can pay off. One out-of-the-box method is to sell the excess solar energy that you produce back to the grid. You’ll be able to pass on the monthly check you’re writing them, and start cashing theirs.

All you need is a grid-connected system that includes power conditioning equipment, the proper safety equipment according to code, and the meters and instruments to measure how much you’re selling back.

What’s Included In Your Free, No-Obligation Quote?

We want to make sure you have everything you need to make an informed and confident decision when you decide to install solar panels on your home or business. That’s why we proudly offer a complimentary consultation that will include:

  • A thorough roof assessment.
  • A customized solar system design tailored to your energy needs and goals.
  • A calculation of the savings you’ll enjoy and an outline of your return on investment.
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Superior Solar Panel Systems for Alameda County

If you are ready to see and feel the benefits of solar power, then it’s time to call West Coast Solar. Let’s set up your consultation and get you started on the path towards green, renewable energy.

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