Image of a house with solar panels installed on the roof

Northern California is full of beautiful vintage homes. A Sunday drive through various neighborhoods can easily bring to mind beautiful, visual scenes from “East Of Eden” By John Steinbeck, not because of the astonishing California scenery, but because of the endearing Salinas Valley-esk architecture and the Northern California environment that is so well-documented in his work. Taking a stroll through the various older neighborhoods in the Sacramento area gives you a taste of what California was, what California is and, lately, what California could become. 

The architecture in these stunning vintage neighborhoods isn’t changing, the facades don’t look any different, but instead of the delicately laid, scale-like asphalt roofing tiles, you’ll glimpse glittering solar panels. More and more of the vintage homeowners who work to preserve the architectural history of the area by keeping these beautiful homes in good shape are looking to make the move toward environmentally conscious decisions. In an article from the David Enterprise, they mention a specific pair of California residents that do  just that with such taste and finesse that it’s hard not to admire their commitment to California’s architecture as well as the past, present and future of our great state and every community within. The couple mentioned in this article are Nancy Bamber and Richard Curly. As the article states, they live in a 1950s home in the residential districts of Central Davis. When they had a large tree removed from their property, they turned to the idea of a bright sunny day providing energy independence for their property and set an example for their neighbors in Davis and other areas in the region. 

Their decision wasn’t based on good-hearted whim, though. It was based on facts and figures that defined the idea of solar panel upgrades for every home, regardless of vintage origin or not. 

Keep It Shady

Although the couple mentioned in Davis lost their big, shady tree, by choosing solar panels, they aren’t losing out on the cooling advantages of that tree. Researchers have found that solar panels can actually lower the temperature of a roof by 5 whole degrees. You may not know it, but most of the heat your roof absorbs, it transfers to the interior of your home, which is of course great for chillier winters, but during the summer it can be totally brutal. Limiting your roof’s temperature can significantly and positively impact how much you’re spending on air conditioning for your home during the warmer months. The same researchers that found the 5 degree difference in temperature also found that it could reduce your electricity bill for your air conditioning by about 5%. 

Low Costs and Hefty Tax Returns

The 30% federal tax credit that comes with every solar installation does quite a bit in the way of reducing the price for solar panel installations. Since the systems easily pay themselves off during their lifetime, it makes the expense of turning to more environmentally friendly options far easier. It’s estimated that many folk’s system costs should be paid off in around 8 years with another 17 years of service out of every single panel on your roof. That’s quite a bit of affordable energy.

The Advantage of Making an Impact

One of the most remarkable pieces of investing in solar panels for your home has to be the effect of the impact you’re making. With every home that moves toward more reliable energy, we collectively take a step closer to the right way to create energy for a sustainable style of living. With such a reasonable payback period paired with the planetary benefit, it’s a shock to think more people don’t have solar already. 

The Freedom To Be Local

You can purchase a Louis Vuitton bag from a local, licensed stored, but that’s not the same as shopping local. Though there are many local businesses, it can be hard to rely on them totally, especially for big ticket items. That’s where solar panel installation is different. You can choose well-reviewed solar companies that create custom and effective solar panel designs that are just for you. West Coast Solar specializes in giving you the opportunity to invest locally while also investing in the future of the environment. 

Become One of The Distinguished Few With West Coast Solar

Together, we can ensure that you aren’t the exception to the rule, but the rule across all of Sacramento. West Coast Solar provides each and every client with a totally custom solar panel roofing design for their needs. We won’t sacrifice the aesthetic of your home; we’ll optimize your panels and place them where they get the most sunlight while not interrupting the look of your home. Reach out to us today to start the custom solar panel installation process. We’re eager to show you just how much of a difference solar panels can make in your life.