You may be interested in a commercial solar power system for your business. The benefits of going green partially or entirely for your business’ energy offers a variety of benefits. Not only do you gain the benefits of renewable energy, but you will also work with our expert, certified team at West Coast Solar to design, plan, install, and maintain the array.

We’ve been serving the Sacramento and the Greater East Bay Area for more than a decade, and when it comes to business and solar systems, we can help.

Benefits Of Commercial Solar Energy

Reduction in utility bills.

Whether you manage multiple businesses in a strip mall, or you own and operate a single business, you can reduce your electricity bill with solar. Many of our commercial customers enjoy bill reduction, and in some cases complete elimination of their utility bills.

Going green.

As a business established in a community, you will be communicating that you care about the community and the planet by going solar. Who doesn’t want a positive image when it comes to the customer-facing side of their business?

Power purchase agreement.

As a business producing solar power, you are able to go into agreement with other businesses around you and sell them your excess energy. If you have the space on your property, you can add more commercial solar panels than you need to produce more energy than you need and sell it to your neighbors.

Why Go Solar?

The team at West Coast Solar wants to facilitate your commercial solar energy system with expert design, plan, and installation. Whether you need a small array to power your small business, or you need a large array to power your corporate building, we can help.

Not only will you enjoy the benefits of solar energy, but you will be taking a step towards bettering the future for you, your colleagues, your family, and your community. With carbon-emissions rising steadily, a solar power system can help slow the rise or eliminate it entirely. You will enjoy a cost-effective alternative to energy.

Commercial solar power options are a great choice to invest in your business and in the future.

Choose Us For Your Commercial Solar Project

Take a look at some of the solar panel installation projects we’ve completed for businesses in Northern California. If you are ready to learn what a solar array can do for your business and energy costs, please reach out to our team today. We look forward to providing you with a price quote, as well as your potential financing options.



Owning a business is a point of pride for so many individuals in the Sacramento area. It’s an amazing opportunity and makes you feel as if you’re grabbing your own destiny by the reigns. However, everything in California is driven by competition and lately, that competition seems to be centered around how green your business can be. Obviously, maintaining a green presence on this earth both in our home and in your business operation is ideal, but not always super cost effective.

This expectation from your customers can be extremely taxing on your day-to-day operations and the costs of running your business, especially if you’re just getting started. In fact, it can be extremely challenging to find green methods of operation that don’t put a hefty tax on your business’s wallet and production capabilities. Solar isn’t like that though. Solar saves you money, protects your business from power outages and makes you the greenest joint on the street.

Set Up a Solar Panel Installation Consultation

If you’re looking to start beating the competition out at being the most earth-conscious business in the area, the best place to start is with money-saving solar panels.

Reach out to West Coast Solar to start the consultation process for your commercial solar panel needs today.