What’s so great about a solar power system for you home in San Jose? Solar energy saves money, helps the environment, increases home values, and can be produced anywhere. As you may have already noticed, the cost of traditional energy continues to rise, but the cost of solar energy continues to fall. How does that work? The sun is a renewable energy source. Oil and other fossil fuels are not. This means that as solar power becomes even more prominent than it already is, it will continue to lower in cost to design, install, and use while energy demands plateau or continue to rise.

We’ll share the four benefits of home solar power systems you should consider. It’s time to make the switch to solar power. If you’re ready to discuss solar with an expert, give West Coast Solar a call today! Otherwise, continue reading to find out more.

The Four Benefits To Residential Solar Systems


Two major incentives to making the switch to solar are the reduced utility costs and the financial returns. A solar power system is a long term investment toward your energy use and the environment. Most homeowners start with trying to answer the question: how do I lower my utility bills? A solar power system for your home can do just that!

Home Value Increase

Yes, you read that correctly. As solar power technology continues to advance and traditional energy prices continue to rise, homebuyers are starting to demand a renewable energy production system on their homes. This means that over time not only will you save money, but you’ll be adding value to your home, if you decide to sell.

Solar Will Work Anywhere

We’re not exaggerating. As long as there is sunlight, a solar power system can produce energy. What does this mean for you? Solar technology is ever-advancing and it adds value to people’s lives in a variety of ways. The solar resource in the United States alone is enormous. We’re already able to power the country’s energy needs with solar; however, the transition from traditional to renewable is slower than we’d like. Nonetheless, as more people make the switch to solar, quality of energy will improve.


It’s hard to argue that there’s more carbon-emission around the globe than at any other time in the history of humankind. Due to the mass amount of vehicles on the road every day and the traditional energy usage, we’re gradually creating a more harmful place to live for future generations. Although this may seem tragic now, we can make a difference now, too. For each kilowatt produced with renewable energy, we reduce carbon-dioxide production—among other harmful air pollutants—, which helps everyone live healthier lives.

Why Go Solar?

If the four benefits above haven’t hit home for you, then consider energy independence. When you produce your own energy, you don’t need the grid to power your life. Many property owners find it fulfilling and empowering to be in control of the system that powers their homes. No longer do you have to wonder where your energy is coming from, who you’re paying for it, and why it cost so much. You can produce your own and use it how you like.

Keep Solar Simple

At West Coast Solar, we like to keep things simple. This means that when you choose us to design, install, and service your home solar power system in San Jose, you get more than a solar power company. We’re like family. We want nothing less than you to live a full, wonderful life while positively impacting future generations. Call us today!