When it comes to the environment, residents and business owners in Santa Cruz county probably think of the Big Basin Redwoods State Park or Monterey Bay. You may frequent both locations, but what if you could preserve their existence by making one decision? West Coast Solar encourages you, whether you own a home or business, to take advantage of the renewable energy technology available to you like solar power. Solar panels installed on your home or business can do more than produce clean energy; it can save you money on energy costs and save the environment from greenhouse gases.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Whether you need a large array or a smaller collection of panels to power your business, give West Coast Solar a call. We’ve helped hundreds of companies across Sacramento, San Jose, and the greater Bay Area make the switch to solar power. If you’re ready to optimize your business’s energy potential, it’s time to invest in a commercial solar panel system.

Why Install Solar Panels?

Four big points come to mind when we answer this question for our potential customers:

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Save money on utility bills
  • Create energy independence
  • Enjoy the 26% ITC tax credit when you install solar panels before 2022

If any or all of these points resonate, give us a call to get started on your solar panel system design started.

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Homeowners across California are taking advantage of renewable energy resources to counter the ever-rising energy costs in the state. As prices for traditionally produced energy go up, residents are either being forced to pay outrageous prices or find alternative energy sources. When you are ready to start enjoying all the benefits that a home solar panel system can provide, West Coast Solar wants to help you make the switch to solar power.

Call West Coast Solar for Your Solar System

We serve the entirety of Santa Cruz County, including Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Scotts Valley, Capitola, and more. If you own a business and want to reduce your utility bills, a solar system will do just that. As a homeowner, you may be worried about the environment more than anything. A solar system allows you to produce your own clean energy without affecting the environment. Want to get started on your solar design today? Give us a call!