We keep a close eye on renewable energy trends. It helps us keep our customers informed of their renewable energy options and keeps our team at the forefront of the available technology that can bring clean eco-friendly power to homes and businesses in the San Jose area. It’s exciting for us to see how renewable energy markets are growing and people are embracing the use of clean energy in their homes and businesses. The industry is going from growth to growth, and 2018 is going to be no exception.

So what trends are we seeing? We’ve put together a list that we see on the horizon for 2018. Take a look and let us know in the comments what other trends you think are going to happen with renewable energy in the coming year.

Renewable Energy Trends 2018

More research about how to store energy efficiently.

One of the issues with many renewable energy sources, including solar and wind energy, is that they aren’t consistent. You might have a windy day followed by very still days, or a streak of sunny days followed by cloudy weather. With the right kind of energy storage, though, the energy that’s created on the windier or sunnier days can be stored and used when those resources aren’t as readily available. Efficient storage of renewable energy is still undergoing a lot of experimentation, but it’s something that you’ll see get a lot of attention in the next year and beyond. When efficient, cheap storage of energy is developed, it’s going to make renewable energy sources even more attractive to homeowners and businesses.

Companies and individuals leading the charge.

There is a lot of talk about renewable energy at the federal level, but it’s going to be the consumer and businesses that really lead the charge about making the change away from traditional energy sources. For homeowners, there is a going concern about their environmental impact and the world that they are leaving behind for their children. Businesses might worry about these same issues, but it’s also a matter of their bottom line; renewable energy sources are just more cost-effective. Once the initial investment is made, many of these systems pay for themselves, and that’s attractive to both homeowners and businesses. The movement on the individual level could eventually filter up to create legislative change on the national level.

Technology becoming more advanced and less expensive.

Remember when a high-definition television cost thousands of dollars? Or a new computer would set you back a month’s pay? Today you can pick up a 4K television for a couple hundred bucks and a computer for less than that. It’s the natural cycle of technology: when it’s new, it’s more expensive, but it gets cheaper and better as time goes on. This is the same for renewable energy technology and you’ll see this really start to happen in 2018. There are a lot of companies out there who are innovating renewable energy technology and getting it to market faster and for cheaper than ever before. That’s giving consumers more options and making the switch to renewable energy easier and less expensive than ever before.

The market for renewable energy increasing.

More and more people are becoming interested in what renewable energy can do for them. As the technology gets better and cheaper, it’s lowering the barrier to entry for those who want to make the change to a cleaner energy alternative. That’s opening up the market to even more people. It’s not just homeowners who are interested in lowering their monthly energy bills, either. Businesses are getting in on the action, and it’s some of the biggest businesses in the world who are leading the charge, including tech giants like Google and Apple. People are excited about the potential for renewable energy and are going to be eager to invest their money in it, whether that’s for their home, their business, or their financial portfolio. Along with an increase in both research and retail, there will be more and more jobs available in the renewable energy industry in the future, too.

Waste-to-energy and solar leading the pack.

There are two renewable energy sources that are going to get a lot of attention in the next year:

  • Waste-to-energy. If there is one resource we have a lot of, it’s waste. Countries are being inundated with waste, with India and China under the most strain, and recycling only makes a small dent in the much larger problem. So companies are scrambling to find a solution that would help create energy from the waste we leave behind. Some of this waste can be used as biofuel energy, which is the energy created by burning food product and organic matter. Could there be other solutions out there for the rest of our trash? You’ll see a lot of money being invested into research of this idea in the next year.
  • Solar. Solar prices continue to drop and countries like China are installing panels in record numbers. Target stores are even embracing the technology and installing solar panels in more than 300 of their stores across the United States. It’s likely we’re going to see more moves towards solar from big-name companies as well as on the residential market. Solar energy is the cleanest and one of the most efficient energy production methods out there, so it’s no wonder we’re going to see more of it in the coming year.

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