From managing your bills and finances to preserving our earth, there are many reasons to make the switch to solar energy! We at West Coast Solar are proud to be the team you can call when you are ready to transition to a cleaner energy source. Whether you want to save money for years to come or simply eliminate your use of fossil fuels, we can help.

Cut Those Electricity Bills

We know the pattern: you open up your electricity bill only to see that the amount you owe has gone up again. If you’re like most Solano County residents, you wish you could stop dealing with these fluctuating bills. It’s time to take control of your finances and do what is best for your wallet—install a solar energy system.

Many of our clients find that their solar systems can produce plenty of electricity for their home. If that’s the case for your home or business, then that will mean no more energy bills ever again. In many cases, we’ve seen our clients reduce their bills and even eliminate them after installing a solar power system on their home or business.

Energy Independence with Solar Investment

Saving money on your bills is a nice perk, but it isn’t the end-all of the solar power benefits. Many Solano County residents and business owners feel a new sense of independence when they switch to solar, simply because they can reduce their reliance on foreign energy sources. Why contribute to the pollution problem when you can harness renewable, clean energy from our sun?

Additionally, did you know that there is a federal tax credit available to those who switch to solar power? If you install a solar system for your home or business, you can get 30 percent of your expenses back through a tax write-off. This is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the federal income taxes you owe. However, this ends in 2021, so give West Coast Solar a call today to get started on your solar power project.

Solano County Solar Power

It’s time to take a leap into the future! Contact West Coast Solar today to set up your consultation. We’ll discuss budget, solar design, and solar installation timelines. When you switch to solar energy, you’re not only saving yourself money, but your saving the planet