The integration of solar cells into consumer goods is an often-overlooked way for solar energy to become a bigger part of Americans’ electricity usage. But if customers are able to purchase more items that run off solar modules rather than the electric grid, it could have a substantial impact on carbon emissions and air quality. One company, Ascent Solar, recognizes this nascent trend and has launched a lineup of consumer goods and industrial tools that use solar modules as power supplies.

Now, those products will be available to a much wider consumer base, as will now be selling Ascent’s Enerplex lineup of smartphone covers with thin film photovoltaic (PV) solar cells built in. Ascent makes Enerplex cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone. They also make a solar charger with a USB connection that can be used for many other smartphones.

“The ability for our customers to purchase EnerPlex products from the world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart is a huge advantage for the growth of the EnerPlex brand,” Victor Lee, the president and CEO of Ascent Solar, said in a news release. “The growth of ecommerce as the preferred method of shopping by most American consumers is a trend which EnerPlex is perfectly positioned to take advantage of.”

Something to remember is that the very same technology at the heart of Ascent’s products is also available for your home. West Coast Solar can provide your family with residential solar energy solutions that can meet your electricity needs and help you save thousands of dollars on your utility bills. For more information, schedule a solar site analysis with West Coast Solar today.