1. Reducing Summer Energy Use

    Reducing home electricity use allows a smaller solar system to generate a larger total percentage of your home energy consumption. In many cases, simple energy-efficiency initiatives can have a big impact on your summer electricity use in your Northern California home. West Coast Solar has some energy-saving strategies for summer weather! Block the Summer Sun Although home window treatments are of…Read More

  2. Remote System Monitoring

     For solar system owners that want greater insight into solar system production, we offer remote system monitoring. Real-time and historic information is available on a module and system-wide basis, enabling accurate troubleshooting and greater understanding of system performance. The benefits of remote solar array monitoring include: Greater insight into solar power production Enhanced ability t…Read More

  3. Add Value to Your Home By Going Solar

    Spring is here, and many Northern California residents are starting projects around their homes. For some, this may just be deep cleaning and organizing or minimizing their possessions, while others are getting busy building outdoor patios or tackling their landscaping. If you’re looking for an update that will have both immediate and long-term impact for you, your family, and your home, then it…Read More

  4. Meet Angelina, Interconnection Specialist

    With the goal of finding the best solar solution for each household or business, West Coast Solar strives to meet the individual needs of each customer and our staff helps us provide excellent customer service. Today we would like you to meet Angelina Hernandez, our interconnection specialist. Angelina joined the team three years ago, and during a typical work day, she uses her strong communicatio…Read More

  5. US Solar Market Set to Grow in 2016

    The U.S. solar market is set to grow at a rapid 119 percent this year says GTM Research in its latest U.S. Solar Market Insight Report. "Led by the utility-scale segment, GTM Research forecasts 16 gigawatts (GW) of solar will be installed in the U.S. in 2016, more than doubling the record-breaking 7.3 GW installed in 2015. While utility-scale installations will represent 74 percent of the installa…Read More

  6. Meet Brad, System Designer

    At West Coast Solar, our team works together to make your community better through solar solutions for homes and businesses. Today we would like to introduce you to Brad Coats, our system designer. Brad joined us three years ago and he spends his days designing solar systems in AutoCAD before sending his designs off to our engineers for development. After reviewing photos from site surveys, he use…Read More

  7. Today’s Top Five Myths about Solar Energy

    Do you have questions about going solar? With rapid advancements in solar technology, it can be difficult to sort out fact from fiction. Today we’ll look at the top five myths about solar energy so that you can start soaking up the sun. Myth 1 - Solar power is too expensive When solar power first entered the scene a few decades ago, this was a true statement. Over time with solar technology adva…Read More

  8. PG&E energy rates are set to rise… again

    With PG&E rates on the rise, California customers can expect higher monthly gas and electricity costs in the coming months. The first big increase in residential natural gas rates kicked in on August 1, and higher gas bills rolled out to customers throughout the month. Prior to the initial rate increase, the average monthly bill for a residential customer totaled $145.36. Once all of the propo…Read More

  9. Meet Robin, our Install Administrator

    The team at West Coast Solar is committed to making solar simple, and our staff support helps us meet our goals. Today we would like to introduce you to Robin Murray, our install administrator. Robin joined us in early 2016 and her typical day includes scheduling system installations in Brentwood and Sacramento and uploading documents and photos of each installation. Her favorite aspect of the job…Read More

  10. Net Energy Metering 1.0 is set to expire

    If you are considering solar for your home, you’ll want to maximize the rate of return on your investment with the best solar savings in the state. California’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) solar incentive program allows solar customers to sell their excess clean energy into the grid in exchange for credits. Under NEM, the customer’s electric meter tracks the amount of energy consumed by the cu…Read More