Recently, we posted an article about the announcement that California had hit a new record for solar power generation record of 1,897 megawatts (MW). This was seen as a major milestone in the state’s migration to more renewable energy sources, but it’s already old news.

That’s because California ISO, the agency that manages the state’s energy infrastructure, announced June 10 that a new record of 2,071 MW had been set. This represents 5 percent of Californian’s peak electricity needs. It’s the first time the state has passed the 2 gigawatt (GW) mark, and indicates that we’ll be seeing more of these records being shattered as more photovoltaic systems are brought online.

According to Greentech Media, a clean technology news website, California currently has an installed capacity of 2,537.4 MW of solar power. This makes up only a small fraction of the state’s total electrical demand, but as solar panel technology becomes more affordable, citizens can expect that number to grow exponentially.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that California’s installed capacity still pales in comparison to other regions around the world., another clean technology site, reports that Germany hit a solar power generation record of 23.4 GW on June 6, which met 39 percent of the country’s peak power needs.

Nonetheless, the fact that the Golden State is moving in the renewable energy direction is good news for residents and the environment. Solar energy provides a clean power source that reduces pollution and lowers electricity costs. For more information on how your home or business can benefit from going solar, contact West Coast Solar today.