A retiring California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) member has issued a final address in which he warns his fellow members to protect the state’s solar assets. The San Francisco Gate reports that Mark Ferron, who will be retiring due to a prolonged battle with prostate cancer, stated in his address that it was up to the CPUC to protect the interests of solar customers and self-generators rather than those of the utility companies.

The CPUC, which sets electricity rates and regulates how utilities incorporate solar power into their generating infrastructure, has been the focal point of several recent contentious battles between solar advocates and power companies. While the former would like to see the state rely more on clean energy and renewables, such as Northern California solar energy, the latter fears that solar panels could cut into their profits.

“You – my fellow Commissioners — all must be bold and forthright in defending and strengthening our state’s commitment to clean and distributed energy generation,” Ferron said in his exit letter, according to the source. “[The utilities’] strategy is often: ‘We will give the Commission only what they explicitly order us to give them.’ This is cat and mouse, not partnership, so we have to be one smart and aggressive cat.”

In general, the CPUC has had a positive impact on the solar industry, and for this reason, customers throughout the East Bay area can switch to solar energy and save thousands of dollars on their electricity bills. For more information on the various incentive programs available to solar customers, contact West Coast Solar today.