Prospective Bay Area solar energy customers may be slightly discouraged by the amount of paperwork required to even begin installing solar panels atop their roof. There are a lot of benefits to adopting solar power for your electricity needs, but to get to a point where you can finally install the photovoltaic (PV) panels and begin reaping the financial and environmental incentives requires applying for permits and tax forms that no one really wants to spend their time filling out..

The good news is that, if you hire West Coast Solar to be your solar PV installer, you won’t have to worry about any of this. West Coast takes care of all your paperwork, and lays out in a clear, concise way what you need to do to take advantage of the various tax and rebate programs available from your local, state and federal governments.

We know exactly which incentives will apply to your residence based on where you are located and when you decide to have the panels put in place. Our solar installers also take the time to carefully explain to you all the various zoning and permit requirements as dictated by local regulations, so that you don’t need to research all of these things yourself.

In short, West Coast Solar provides comprehensive solar installation services. We don’t leave our customers to fend for themselves in what can be a complicated industry where you’re not always sure which incentives and rules apply to you. Our goal is to make the process as short and easy as possible. For more information on how your home or business can benefit from Northern California solar energy, contact West Coast Solar today.