Part of creating a future in which Americans rely more on the planet’s renewable energy resources such as sunlight, wind and rain means educating today’s kids and teenagers about the benefits of solar power and other green technology solutions.

Recently, high school and college students in the Sacramento, California, area participated in a series of workshops at Cosumnes River College where they learned how to build portable solar suitcases strong enough to light a whole room. According to The Sacramento Press, Green Technical Education and Employment (Green Tech), a non-profit community training organization, will be delivering the finished products to areas of Uganda and Haiti where light and electricity are sparse.

“This project has been an inspiring and phenomenal combination of science, engineering, technology and humanitarianism,” Sacramento County superintendent David Gordon said. “The students involved should know they are part of a great and compassionate effort that is saving lives.”

One of the main purposes of these workshops and training sessions, states the source, is to educate America’s youths and inspire them to pursue career paths that focus on clean energy or environmental protection. Jordan Collins, who participated in the event, told The Sacramento Press that it was a great experience and he was able to learn a new set of skills.

It’s not surprising to see these kinds of initiatives are taking place in the Golden State, which currently leads the country in solar panel installations, according to a recent report from GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association. If you live in the Sacramento area and are interested in hearing more about how these kinds of energy-efficient upgrades can benefit you, contact West Coast Solar for an in-home assessment at 925-516-3900.