If you run a small business or organization, one of your objectives is always to keep costs low enough so that the company can make a profit. This isn’t always easy, as it can sometimes lead to a decrease in the quality of the firm’s product or service, particularly if these cost-cutting measures involve laying off employees and under staffing. But one way you can try getting around these difficult decisions is to improve the energy efficiency of your facilities.

The federal government sponsors a program called Energy Star, which certifies buildings where the property managers or owners have made an effort to improve things like insulation and appliance electricity use in an effort to reduce monthly utility bills. Energy Star facilities use 35 percent less power than similar structures that have not been certified, and the Department of Energy estimates that a 500,000 square foot building could save $120,000 annually by meeting these guidelines.

Among the various efforts that can be undertaken to improve efficiency include redesigning heating, cooling and ventilation systems with newer equipment and better climate management, replacing light bulbs and appliances with Energy Star-certified products, and programming lighting systems to operate only when the building is occupied.

Furthermore, combining these measures with the integration of a solar electric system can lower your firm’s utility bills even further. Bay area solar energy provides a renewable source of electricity that is eligible for many federal, state and local tax incentives. For more information on going solar can positively affect your company’s financial health, contact West Coast Solar today.