One of the biggest obstacles to greater integration of Bay Area solar power and other renewable energy sources into the country’s electrical grid is the persistence of rumors that are simply untrue, spread by opponents of clean technology. If you’ve thought about going solar in the past but were dissuaded by someone claiming that the costs were too high or the red tape was too much of a barrier, you should be skeptical of these claims. Often, they’re based on untruths.

GreenTech Media, a site that tracks the renewable energy industry, recently published a list of myths being spread by a group called Americans For Prosperity, which opposes the growth of clean technology industries. Here are some of the claims of the group and the reasons they are misleading or untrue:

  • Programs like the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiaitve (RGGI) – a cap and trade system in the Northeast designed to spur investment in renewables – raise energy costs for consumers, businesses and government. In fact, some have estimated it could save $1.1 billion for rate payers.
  • States with Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) – legal requirements to derive a certain proportion of energy from renewable sources – have significantly higher electricity rates. While this is true in some cases, it’s hardly because of RPS regulations. In fact, energy rates rise and fall based on a number of factors, including the price fluctuations of coal and gas costs as well as demand.

Investing in solar power for your home or business can lower your monthly utility bills and improve air quality while stabilizing future energy costs. For more information, contact West Coast Solar today.