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Can you believe the holidays are already here? If you’re like many people, you’re already trying to brainstorm ways to save a little extra money during the holidays, but did you know by cutting down on your energy usage, you can actually save money at the same time? It’s true! 

That’s why your friends at West Coast Solar have a few handy tips to help you reduce your energy use and cut down on energy costs this holiday season. Keep reading to learn more, and connect with your trusted solar experts in Northern California to discover how easy it is to #GoSolar

Handy Hints to Save Energy (and Money) During the Holidays, Part 1

From turning off the lights to finding Energy-Star-labelled gadgets as gifts, saving energy this holiday season is easier than you think. Check it out.

Invest in LED Holiday Lights and Decorations

Traditional incandescent lights and standard C-7 light strands are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Sure, you’ve had that box of those colorful bulbs since the 1980s, and they’ve never given you a problem, but replacing them with LED lights can reduce your energy usage and the costs associated with running your lights every day through December. Did you know that C-7 lights with 125 bulbs per strand running at 4 watts each can cost more than $25 to run them for 12 hours a day for a month? Even a strand of mini incandescent lights with 300 bulbs at 0.4 watts each can cost as much as $6 a month? Compared to a mere $0.50+ for running LED lights, those rates are astronomical. It’s time to make the switch to LED.

Use a Timer for Your Lights

Whether you travel during the holidays, or your entire home is decked out in holiday lights, setting a timer for your lights is a smart way to save energy and money. A timer is a worry-free way to regulate your home lighting when you’re not at home, and make running your holiday lights much more efficient. Simply plug in your lights to the timer, and set the timer for when you want them to turn on and off. Timers are especially beneficial if you forget to unplug your holiday lights at night before bed.

Give the Gift of Energy-Efficiency

Energy-efficient electronics, appliances, and more are the way of the future — and a lot more affordable than you might think. When you’re looking for the perfect gifts for friends and family, give them Energy-Star certified gifts. Not only will you help them to be a little more conscious of their energy usage, but you’ll also help them save money. What’s more, there are hundreds of energy-efficient gifts to choose from, and for people of all ages and walks of life. 

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Turn Off the Lights and Enjoy the Ambiance

When you have your festive tree and decorations lit, turn off the other lights in your home and enjoy the ambiance. Your glowing tree can bring the perfect amount of illumination to your living room, and not only that, it simply looks beautiful. Another tip is to light more candles during the holidays, which can really help cut down on your energy usage from overhead lights, table lamps, and more.

Be Energy-Efficient When Entertaining

One of the best ways to save energy (and money) is to be an energy-efficient party host. Whether you’re hosting Christmas dinner, or a happy hour with your co-workers, turning down the thermostat can really help you save. Not only does the heat generated from all the people congregating in a small space, but you likely have the oven or stovetop going, which can also increase the temperature. What’s more, be sure to provide plenty of warm blankets for your overnight guests. That way you can keep the temperature at low setting without your guests complaining about how chilly it is. 

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