Complete solar solutions for homes and businesses in Northern California

Buying gifts for folks in your family is honestly no easy task. It’s laden with missteps and who knows when someone might get offended because you chose the wrong color of moleskin notebook. It’s hard to find a gift that can really appeal to everyone and make whoever you chose out of the family’s secret santa hat happy. 

In our opinion, buying gifts for adult children or a spouse is one of the most difficult tasks around the holidays. Children get marketed to enough through cartoons that they always have a very specific gift in mind. Teens always want that new piece of tech, more clothes or money. But adults? Do you just invest in more socks this year? Up their stock of available scarves? Or perhaps, you could teach them how to fish in a figurative sense? 

In the modern era, we have a variety of ways to make our own wealth, find our own food, etc. but just recently we’ve gained the ability to create our own energy. Giving a gift that empowers the receiver to create a resource as powerful as energy is a priceless gift and fairly easy to give. 

How Can I Give A Solar Installation?

You could proceed in several ways, you could either pay off the system for them, after you’ve consulted them about the gift first, or you can arrange an amount that you’ll put down for their solar installation to cover the initial down payment and then they can pick up the payments after your initial gift. 

Why Give Solar Panel Installation This Holiday Season?

The chief advantage in our opinion is the ability to get a high return on your initial investment. You’ll be receiving a measure of benefits from giving such a spectacular gift, but the idea that your loved one is now a poster-child for a better and brighter tomorrow that’s occupied by clean, healthy energy is quite a boon. Notably, you’ll benefit by knowing that your loved one is saving loads of money on their energy use while pursuing a greener alternative as well. 

Additionally, you’re supporting a growing industry that is feeding the local Marin County and San Mateo area’s economy in a big way. Green energy doesn’t just prevent your household from putting literally 20 metric tons of carbon pollution into the air every year. It also protects California’s growing and seemingly changeable economy. As a state, we like to ebb-and-flow with the change of the seasons. Silicon Valley and San Francisco are ruled by the tech industries that bolster our population and small businesses, but choosing to support another growing industry that’s powerful in our state is hardly a poor choice. 

Why Choose West Coast Solar?

There are so many factors that set us apart from the competition, but most notably is our ability to create totally customized solar panel installations. We have a set of on-staff engineers who look at factors like the curvature of the roof, the established aesthetic of the home and so much more to ensure that the solar panel installation is a satisfying finished product that only enhances the home, rather than detracts from it. 

After all, on top of the tax break you’ll get for installing a solar panel system for your Marin County home, the home that acts as its host will raise in market value. But that’s only one of the many financially advantageous reasons to invest in solar paneling. 

Give the Gift of Green, Independent Energy Now

Rather than invest in more socks and t-shirts for your adult son or daughter this year, get them something that really means something. Invest in a product that produces clean, reliable energy so that your loved one can start making their own energy, saving money and reducing their carbon footprint in huge quantities. If you’re interested in giving solar panels this year to really provide a gift that keeps on giving, reach out to  West Coast Solar today. We’re happy to walk you through the important parts of the process and let you know how to proceed. We’re excited to get started on an exceptional new project with you and your family today.