Solar power used to be relatively new concept that existed only on a small scale or in experimental projects that had little hope of being commercialized. As such, many Californians still think of it as a quaint technology that wouldn’t be viable or affordable. But photovoltaic panels have come a long way in the last few decades, and it’s no longer the case that solar energy is cost-prohibitive. In fact, it has become affordable for millions of homeowners and businesses who want to take advantage of lower electricity bills and reduced pollution.

The Large-Scale Solar Association (LSA), an organization that promotes utility-scale solar projects, has a useful paper on their website that puts to rest some of the worst myths about solar power. Among the facts they raise include:

  • Environmental sustainability: Utility-scale solar power plants require very little land grading, meaning that they leave natural habitats largely undisturbed. This is to say nothing of the environmental benefits of relying on an energy source that emits no climate-changing gases.
  • Low cost: Solar panel technology is 50 percent cheaper now than it was just a few years ago, and costs are “expected to continue to fall as next-generation technologies… are commercialized,” the LSA states.
  • Price stability: If utilities switch to solar, power customers will experience only minor rate increases, which would be offset by the benefits of avoiding the price volatility of fossil fuel energy costs.

Homeowners and businesses can rest assured: the best and most viable option for pursuing a clean energy future is the widespread adoption of solar energy as an electricity source. For more information about how your community can benefit from solar power, contact West Coast Solar today.