The Live Oak School District, located in Santa Cruz, California, recently completed construction and implementation of a solar panel array at six different schools which have a collective capacity of 416 kilowatts and will save the district $2.5 million.

How Solar Energy Benefits School Districts

LOSD commissioned Chevron Energy Solutions to design, build, and maintain the solar energy systems. These panels will reduce the amount of electricity the schools draw from the grid by 80%. The panels are at the center of an initiative to promote sustainable energy solutions while educating children on the benefits of renewable energy technology.

Superintendent Tamra Taylor said in a statement: “We want our students to have early exposure to the benefits of clean technology, and provide opportunities for them to see real-world applications of their educational experiences.”

The panels are part of a larger effort, which includes “energy-efficient measures,” to lower the energy usage of the school district in order to reduce costs and pollution.

To celebrate the opening of the panels, the district dedicated a bench to the late Bernard “Barney” Bricmont, a former board member who was a supporter of integrating sustainable technology into the operations and curriculum of area schools. The bench is shaded by solar panels and will be used as an eating area for children during their lunch hour.

Switch to Solar Energy

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