One of the main challenges for solar energy in California is finding space to construct large-scale photovoltaic panel arrays that can produce the amount of electricity needed to power thousands of homes. Although there is a lot of vacant land, it is sometimes difficult to convince communities of the most appropriate use of this resource.

For this reason, one possibility for solar energy advocates is to have panel arrays constructed and installed on top of capped landfills, which are retired dumps that no longer accept trash. Once a landfill is capped, there are many stiff regulations about what can be done with the land given what lies underneath.

Benefits of Transforming Landfills Into Solar Plants

The Daily Beast recently had a feature on the growing trend of building solar panel systems on top of these sites. The benefits for the operator are twofold: they can sell the electricity generated back to the utility company while making use of what would otherwise be unoccupied space. Because of the difficulties of developing commercial or residential projects on top of old garbage dumps, owners of these areas have to spend a lot of money to make the landfill developable or find an alternative use that still makes them money but lowers the compliance.

Understanding Solar Power Plants

Solar power plants fit the bill. They require relatively low maintenance, so people don’t have to spend lots of time on-site operating and repairing them. They can produce revenue for the owner of the land, who can sell the energy generated back to the utility company, and create a renewable energy source that emits no greenhouse gases or pollution.

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