Summer is only a few short weeks away, which means there are many more sunny days ahead. Homeowners across Northern California — from the San Francisco Bay Area to Lake Tahoe and down to Fresno — are already taking advantage of the sunshine. Will you make the most of the sun or let it go to waste?

What Makes Solar Energy Worth It?

Fossil fuels provide the energy for the majority of the United States’ power supply. This means most people are still relying on a resource that is quickly dwindling.

Now, what if you knew that one single second of light from the sun contained enough energy to generate over 10,000 times the combined energy requirement of the world? Why wouldn’t you use it?

Solar is a renewable, clean energy source. Just one average household switching to solar can make a difference. In fact, an average home going solar can offset the equivalent carbon emissions of a vehicle that drives 18,000 miles each year.

Apart from the global impact that going solar can make, it also makes a dent on a more individual level. The benefits of switching to solar include lowered bills and increased home value, making it the easiest way to make the most out of a free, unlimited resource.

Make Solar Simple for Your Northern California Home

Unfortunately, despite its undeniable benefits, some homeowners are still wary about making the switch. With a local solar installer like West Coast Solar, the process doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating.

We begin with a no-cost and no-pressure solar assessment for your home. When you decide to move forward and switch to solar, we’ll design a system that fits your home’s needs and budget. Our team of devoted solar experts will work with you to make sure you take advantage of the 30% federal solar tax credit, as well as any financing options that would make the project even more affordable. Finally, your new solar installation will come with a 25-year warranty on its solar panels, and a 10-year guarantee on the quality of our work, so your investment will be protected for the long-term.

Make the most out of the sunshine and reduce your energy bills, boost your home value, and decrease your carbon footprint by going solar!

Don’t let the sun’s energy go to waste this summer! Contact us or call (877) 694-0723 to schedule a no-cost solar assessment for your Northern California home today.