The expansion of California solar energy continues apace. EDF Renewable Energy, a company that develops utility scale solar and wind projects, announced that the Catalina Solar Project, located in the Mojave Desert, has been completed and begun producing electricity for San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE).

The 143 megawatt (MW) plant, which makes up just a small part of EDF’s 5 gigawatt portfolio, will generate enough power to electrify 35,000 homes. Situated on 900 acres of land southwest of the Tehachapi and Plute mountains, the project consists of over 1.1 million solar panels and will offset 250,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

“Achieving commercial operation of this flagship solar project is a key milestone for our organization, and a testament to the commitment and capability of the entire EDF Renewable Energy team,” Ryan Pfaff, Executive Vice President of EDF Renewable Energy, said in a news release. “Projects like Catalina Solar underscore the meaningful role that stable policy at the national and state levels… can play in enhancing our nation’s long-term energy security.”

Considering that California has about 730 MW of installed solar capacity, the completion of this project represents a major addition to the state’s renewable energy portfolio. Along with the soon-to-be-operational Ivanpah Solar Generating Station nearby in the Mojave Desert, it also helps to solidify California deserts as the premier location for large scale solar development.

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