California residents who have found themselves wondering whether residential solar energy solutions are the right choice for them can benefit from solar panel advocacy organization Sun Number’s new service, which helps individuals determine how suitable their homes are for this particular kind of alternative power system.

According to a March 26 press release, people who live in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and other surrounding towns can go to the Sun Number website, type in their address and obtain a free assessment of how they personally can benefit from installing solar panels. This includes information about the amount of money they’ll save in utility costs as well as how solar-friendly their property is on a scale of one to 100.

“People are often shocked to see that their Sun Number Score is high even though they live in a region without a lot of blue-sky days or live in a neighborhood with a lot of shade trees,” states the press release. “People in the San Francisco Bay Area often discount how much they can benefit from solar, but this will turn that conventional wisdom upside down. The Bay Area has great conditions for solar energy, and now it’s incredibly easy to find out just how solar-friendly your property is.”

The service was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy with the goal of educating people about solar power and encouraging wider adoption of this eco-friendly and cost-effective technology throughout the United States.

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