Despite California’s ambitious accomplishments when it comes to adopting solar energy solutions – many of which we’ve documented on this blog – the state’s investor-owned utilities are attempting to destroy a successful policy that serves as an incentive to consumers investing in rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panels. The initiative, known as net energy metering (NEM), gives individuals credit for the solar electricity they deliver to the grid, similar to how cell phone companies enable customers to roll their extra minutes over at the end of the month.

In an effort to thwart the utilities’ goal of ending NEM, a coalition of leaders in the public health industry have joined solar energy companies to form Californians Against Utilities Stopping Solar Energy (CAUSE). According to the group’s April 17 press release, the purpose of CAUSE is to educate people about the health and economic benefits of solar and ensure that the Golden State can maintain its position as a leader in solar energy solutions.

“I grew up in a part of Los Angeles that is affected disproportionately by dirty air,” said Dr. Deonza Thymes, co-chair of CAUSE and a doctor at Western Medical Center’s Department of Emergency Medicine in Anaheim. “I became a physician, in part, to help people with health conditions caused by pollutants. Now that we are making progress with solar, the utilities are trying to turn back the clock. They should be helping to give Californians the choice to go solar.”

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