The Golden State is widely recognized for its firm stance on sustainability, but now it seems like even the airplanes are going green in California! The first solar-powered plane capable of flying at night is preparing for its first cross-country flight this week, reported the Washington Post.

The plane is called the Solar Impulse, and was the joint creation of pilot Andre Borschberg, co-founder and chairman Bertrand Piccard and their team. It draws its power from 12,000 photovoltaic cells that cover the plane’s expansive wings. These panels power the plane and also charge its battery, enabling the plane to fly at night as well as during the day.

In preparation for its cross-country journey, the Solar Impulse has been put through its paces with a number of practice runs in San Francisco, California. Co-founder Borschberg has called the much-anticipated cross-country voyage a “mythical step in aviation,” and believes an around-the-world trip may be as little as two years off.

This type of remarkable innovation is a big boost for Bay Area solar energy, and demand can be expected to continue waxing steadily. In fact, on a global scale, the demand for solar energy is already on the rise. Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported in mid-April that solar stocks were looking up, and that their growth was expected to continue through the year’s end.

This should come as no surprise to energy-savvy Californians, who have been among the most progressive in the country. The benefits of solar power far outweigh those of more traditional energy sources such as natural gas or petrol, and are much more environmentally sustainable.

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