Recently it was reported that the solar energy industry in the United States added about 930 megawatts (MW) of installations in the third quarter of 2013. These numbers are impressive, but providing some context makes them even more remarkable.

According to Greentech Media, solar power made up 72.1 percent of all new electrical generating capacity in October. Considering that the United States is in the midst of a natural gas boom, the dominance of solar energy is notable. It demonstrates the inaccuracy of the conventional wisdom that the long term future of energy production in this country lies with natural gas.

“This is truly astonishing, not to mention historic, and should serve as a reminder to everyone in Washington and in state capitals that smart public policies… are paying huge dividends for America,” the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) said in a post on their website. “Part of this amazing growth is attributed to the fact that the cost of a solar system has dropped by nearly 40 percent over the past two years.”

Can solar continue this expansion? It depends largely on how policy makers and electricity regulators such as the California Public Utilities Commission react to utility companies’ efforts to undermine the solar industry. In many parts of the country, these firms have tried to lower the financial incentives paid out to solar customers. Such efforts are detrimental to the country’s, and California’s, ability to migrate to cleaner sources of power.

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