While a lot of families that are opting to go with Bay Area solar power are living in existing homes, there’s been a trend lately toward incorporating photovoltaic (PV) panels into new homes under construction. A recent article on Bloomberg.com points out that six of the 10 largest home builders in the country, including KB Home, have been integrating solar in their new construction. At the same time, some cities, such as Lancaster, California, have been mandating solar panels on new construction.

There are a couple of reasons for this trend, not least of which is the incredible value and return on investment that a homeowner can receive for a PV installation. Although utilities are no longer accepting applications for residential systems to receive rebates through the California Solar Initiative, customers can still claim federal tax incentives, and net metering programs continue to pay homeowners for the excess power their panels generate.

For customers who buy their system upfront, the cost of installation can be up to 20 percent lower when it is performed at the time of building rather than later after the home is constructed. Additionally, homeowners can often fold the cost of buying solar panels into their mortgage.

Even if your home is already built, there are still many reasons to consider going solar. We offer financing and leasing options that require no down payment, and within no time you could be seeing lower energy costs as a result. For more information on the financial benefits of a PV system, contact West Coast Solar today.