In years past, critics of solar power solutions noted that the amount of electricity required to construct photovoltaic (PV) panels exceeded the power saved by relying on these renewable energy systems. However, according to a new report from Stanford University’s Global Climate & Energy Project (GCEP) published in Environmental Science & Technology, the power generated by solar energy across the world has officially surpassed the electricity needed to make more modules going forward.

In fact, at this rate, the energy debt for the global solar industry is expected to be paid off in full by 2020, states the Stanford News Service. This is a huge accomplishment considering just five years ago the construction process required 75 percent more energy than the amount of power PV panels produced.

As the methods of manufacturing and installing solar power systems improve, the report suggests that it’s likely that the amount of electricity needed by the industry will continue to decrease.

“GCEP is focused on developing game-changing energy technologies that can be deployed broadly. If we can continue to drive down the energy inputs, we will derive greater benefits from PV,” said Michael Dale, a postdoctoral fellow at GCEP who co-authored the report. “Developing new technologies with lower energy requirements will allow us to grow the industry at a faster rate.”

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