Solar Power

  • Sunlight is readily available during the day and a battery can be used to store power when it’s dark outside.
  • Solar energy is a renewable resource and as long as the sun exists, you can use solar energy for power.
  • Producing power from solar energy is completely clean and doesn’t produce any carbon emissions.
  • Once solar panels are installed, producing power doesn’t cost anything so you can utilize free, renewable energy for years.

Fossil Fuels

  • Mining and extracting fossil fuels is an expensive, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous process.
  • Fossil fuels are a limited, nonrenewable resource that is quickly diminishing.
  • Fossil fuels produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, a gas that affects the global climate.
  • Fossil fuels are expensive to extract and are costly to buy. Prices can also fluctuate dramatically.

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